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About Medimotion

About Medimotion

Founded in 1994 Medimotion Limited has over 20 years experience supplying high quality therapy solutions throughout Great Britain.

Our team is dedicated to deliver a high quality service to meet the specific needs of private individuals, hospitals and therapy centres. Medimotion's extensive knowledge of the products we provide, and their application, ensures the right product choice.

We offer free 'no obligation' demonstrations to private individuals at home, professionals and organisations. We enjoy a reputation for delivering a courteous and reliable service to all of our customers.

A full package of after sales support is available - Technical enquiries, user queries, servicing and repairs are dealt with by our team of advisers and engineers.

Medimotion LTD are the sole GB suppliers for Reck MOTOmed movement therapy systems and Chinesport's range of innovative standing frames.

About Medimotion


Satisfied Customers

Mrs Weatherhead, Ludlow
What a great machine, my husband has used it everyday and what an asset it has been.... he continues to make progress from his illness, Guillane-Barre syndrome. I also want to thank Medimotion for their excellent service and kindness.

Mira Grierson, Scotland. Trying to stay mobile...
I was so impressed by this machine that I decided to take the plunge and hire it. I am now aware of the increased strength in my legs when I transfer to my chair, wc and bed. That helps me hang on to my independence. That also encourage me to keep on exercising. The best think about this machine is that it responds to tired legs. I stop cycling and the machine takes over. It helps me to feel like I am in charge of my life and gives me a feeling of achievement.

Tony Brohn MSc RIBA, London
I came down with Multiple Sclerosis 16 years ago and have been using the MOTOmed VIVA2 for the last 7/8 years.... It has definitely reduced the decline in muscle performance in my legs and arms. Exercise for wheelchair users is a rare treat and I do feel good afterwards

Robert Franklin, Oxford
I have now had my MOTOmed for six months and, and am finding it invaluable for my disability, cerebral palsy. I try to use it for al least thirty minutes daily and I find it improves my physical and mental condition greatly. The musculature of my legs is much better than it was, and the endorphins released make me much more cheerful. I find it a very well designed device and shall certainly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation to my own.

Judith Kent, Wolverhampton
It's been a great success! It's fantastic to see Robert moving and taking pride in the improvement he has made.

Diana Knowles, Tiverton
I find it a great help to getting more strength and movement in my legs, many thanks.

Mr G Thomas, Bexleyheath
It has certainly strengthened the muscles in my legs and it is useful to be able to cycle backwards as well as to see how much effort each of my legs are putting in.

Wanda Parker
Since I have been using the MOTOmed on a daily basis for the last three months, I have gained strength in my quads and have more core balance. Being a quadriplegic for nearly 2 years it has become part of my exercise routine and an important tool in my aim to prevent spasticity and to gain more mobility.

Caroline McCrean, Somerset - MS
After using the MOTOmed for just a month my legs are much looser, I go on the bike 3 times a day for 20 minutes and have noticed a real improvement in a short time. I began passively but can now cycle myself... I wouldn't be without it.

Lorraine Shakespeare, Orpington
I use the MOTOmed VIVA2 everyday for half an hour and it has had a significant impact on my circulation and spasticity and, therefore, on my pain levels. At first I could not cycle on my own, but now I can cycle up to half a mile. I would recommend it to anyone with impaired mobility.

Pauling Gray, Didcot
I enjoy this bike very much. It keeps my knees having movement and is missed a lot if we're on holiday.

Karen Dark, Newport
I purchased a VIVA2 due to my MS. I've got bad circulation in my lower limbs which in turn causes cramps and painful swollen ankles. I use the VIVA2 every morning to relieve these symptoms without having to take further medication. I think this macine would be suitable for anyone with a disability.

Elizabeth Riddett, IOW
I have had my Motomed Viva since April 2013 and I wouldn't be without it! To start with I could only do just under 1 minute under my own 'steam' and covering less than a mile! But it has taken me a lot of dedication and commitment from me and my family who strap me in and write down my figures. I am now 'proud' to say in January 2014 I cycle myself for 20 minutes covering 2 miles pluse 5 minutes warming up and cooling down for 5 minutes. It has given me more strength for standing and the stability gained is brilliant. If I'm having a bad day with my MS and miss a session I suffer the next day and so do my carers!

Mrs Kelly, Cambs
My husband has been using the MOTOmed for 8 years having had a stroke which left him left side paralysed. He honestly enjoys using the machine each day..... and this machine is invaluable for keeping his circulation healthy. It has frankly been a godsend following being discharged from hospital.

Mrs Hunt, Bury St Edmonds
Because of the lack of movement owing to MS, I had been suffering from Lymphedema. I am delighted to say my legs have responded and the therapist believes that daily use of my bike is keeping problems at bay.

Steven Harrison, Wakefield
Since purchasing the exercise equipment I have used it daily to ease muscle spasm as a consequence of spinal injury. Without it I experience adverse spasticity which affects my ability to function effectively throughout the day.

DA Laybourne. Different Strokes, Hampshire
We already know that stroke survivors are benefitting considerably from the use of this excellent machine.

Maureen Carr, Thirsk
I really just want to let you know how very helpful the Motomed machine has been in my husbands recovery. Last August he was taken into hospital as an emergency suffering from septicaemia I was told he was very sick and would take up to five months to regain his previous strength. In the event he improved so rapidly that he was transferred to the general ward the next day and was home in four days. The nurse was amazed and asked how we managed at home and I told her about the Motomed machine. She said it was highly likely that working on this nearly every day had probably kept him healthy enough to fight this dreadful infection.

Robert Potts, Essex
With the use of the MOTOmed my legs are much stronger, my circulation has improved and my general fitness has improved. This machine is one of my main aids to recovery and would recommend it to anyone suffering from some form of disability or recovering from an illness, or simply to anyone wanting to keep fit.


How Medimotion made my City trip…

Every individual has it's own view regarding a perfect holiday. Some of you are avid sun lovers, who can look forward to a well deserved all-inclusive. Others like to visit a campsite, or choose for the adventure by travelling with only the basic needs.

My personal favourite is to go on a city trip. Preferably to a large city. This is why I have travelled to Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels and Cologne in the past years. Since this year I can add London to this list. In my opinion the best city of all. Although I realize that this opinion might be arguable.

Going on a city trip is probably one of the five things I like to do most in life. On the other hand it has something equivocal for me. The reason for this is my handicap. I was born prematurely and as result of that, I suffered from a brain haemorrhage, two days after. I haven't been able to walk ever since and so I'm permanently bound to a (electrical driven) wheelchair.

Although there a nowadays many options for disabled people, there are only few options that will suit my needs and lead to a satisfactory holiday. Since I'm being used to be fully independent at home and at work, I demand the same on a holiday. I detest the fact that friends or family have to help me with washing, bathing or visit the toilet. I'd rather stay at home than to receive help with such intimate things. This point of view is emphasized since my last city trip in 2012. The company on that trip was perfectly willing to help me with my needs, but I felt nervous by the thought of asking the to help me onto the toilet. Since I don't control Mother Nature, I've had to ask the inevitable, but unlike other things, it didn't get any easier by asking it more frequently. As a result I chose to stay at home instead of going on a holiday.

However, I'd really wanted to visit London for a long time. But only under the circumstance that I would be really self-supporting, in the way I'm at home. There, I can use a sophisticated transfer aid device, called Struzzo. The Struzzo is a device from Italy and gives disabled people the opportunity to move around whilst standing up, or sitting on a kind of saddle. Perfect for me to transfer from my wheelchair to the toilet or my bed So, the challenge was to get the Struzzo into my hotel room prior to my arrival en have it picked up, when I left London. On top of that, I needed to find a hotel which was suitable for my needs and which was prepared to assist with the logistics.

In order to make all the arrangements, I've made contact with a dealer of the Struzzo in the Netherlands. They could provide me with the contact details of Gary Martin from the company Medimotion. A company based in Wales, which is a preferred supplier for the Struzzo in the United Kingdom. The thing that struck me most was the instant willingness to help me. From their point of view it was a remarkable request, since they mostly provide the Struzzo for a couple of weeks minimum. This is very understandable, considering the effort and costs they have to fulfil with transportation and arrangements.

But, within a few days, Gary replied me with a very kind e-mail in which he stated that Medimotion was happy to oblige. He offered me a rental price, which was very reasonable, considered that they had transportation costs on their behalf. The only thing they needed was the contact details of the hotel and the dates corresponding to my stay. The rest was taken care off, Martin assured me. And everything was taken care off. The Struzzo was directly available on my arrival en the hotel staff was very helpful and well instructed.

So, thanks to Medimotion and Gary Martin in particular, I've had the best time in London. Of course I have to mention the Lancaster Hall Hotel (35, Craven Terrace London) as well. This hotel is very suitable for Struzzo users. I can recommend it to anyone, who needs to use a Struzzo.

I look back at a very good cooperation with Medimotion and I hope that it's a beginning of the possibility to rent devices for only a holiday. In order to make this work I also hope that disabled people will see themselves more and more as consumers.

So that i twill be attractive for companies like Medimotion to provide such services on a wide scale at a reasonable fee.

The service of Medimotion was a cherry on a delicious cake, which lasted for 4 days.

I had the comfort of feeling at home, while being abroad.

Thank you Medimotion, thank you Gary, you've really made my citytrip.

Tim van den Wijngaard(the Netherlands)


Leonard Cheshire Disability, Randall Close, London
My name is Angela Loughran, I am the Enablement coordinator at Randall Close.
We have been using the Motomed Viva2 for the last 5 years.
Initially, we had one unit, but following the success of our exercise programs, whereby service users who had been wheelchair dependent were now able to walk independently after using the Motomed Viva2 regularly, we had scores of people waiting to use the machine.
We bought another, then another, and currently have 5 units which are in constant use throughout the day.
The Motomed Viva2 has helped 341 service users in the last year alone. It is easy to use and has many features such as symmetry training. It also has a passive program, to help with circulation for those who are unable to pedal independently. For those who are in a wheelchair, it can easily be accessed as there is no need to get out of your chair.
It is the most popular piece of equipment in our gym and I would definitely recommend it as a safe and easy way of rebuilding muscle strength.


Natalie, Scottish Borders - Multiple Sclerosis
When I returned to my normal-ish life after a long stay in hospital at 24 I was desperate to get some power back to my legs again. I first of all had a Viva 2 bike on loan from The M.S. Society local branch, which I got for a month every couple of months. The only problem was that when I had tried it I didn’t want to let it go again because my legs felt so much better and less up tight. I managed to get a help buying my own bike. This was one of the best uses of money I have had. When I am at home I go on for 30 minutes at least twice a day every day and my legs have changed completely. I now feel I can rely on my legs because the strength is so much more than what I had 8 years ago. Even on my tired days I feel if you let the bike move your legs without active cycling I feel it eases off my legs. I have taken my bike on holidays on a trailer with me because I couldn’t bear to be without it for a full week and also hired one in Portugal when away for a week. I definitely my recovery to my level of health would have been halted without the bike.

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