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MOTOmed Movement Therapy

MOTOmed Movement Therapy

MOTOmed Models

Take enjoyable effective exercise at home with MOTOmed. Passive, assisted or active movement.

MOTOmed Features

MOTOmed software 5.01: A new dimension of Movement Therapy - Read all about the the new features here (PDF File)

Spasm Control - The MOTOmed Movement Protector will detect a spasm during exercise. The MOTOmed SpasmControl will gently ease it away by slowing the pedals and reversing direction.

Symmetry training - During active training, effort is displayed on the screen showing the percentage of activity from the left and right leg or arm. This enables the user to identify their weaker side and where to target effort - without overworking their healthy side (of particular benefit to stroke patients, post knee/hip surgery).

Smooth Drive System - Loosen up stiff arm and leg muscles through soft and gentle motion, slowly easing the tension away.

Servo Cycling - Rediscover and increase your muscle strength. With minimal leg or arm power the ServoCycling function allows you to cycle yourself and exercise for longer. Finely graduated gearing makes it easy to find your level and monitor progress.

User Friendly - Large operating buttons make it simple to navigate your way through intuitive software. A large colour screen display is ideal for those with visual impairment.

Benefits of Movement Therapy

Becoming more flexible - Loosening up the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the case of general stiffness or high muscle tone.

Rediscovering residual muscle strength - Build and improve on the muscle strength you do have, or rediscover and apply lost strength.

Reducing spasticity - Loosening up the muscles in the case of sudden spasms.

Strengthening the sense of well-being - Regular exercise, doing something for yourself. This has a positive influence on the sense of mental well-being, even pain can be alleviated and sleeping patterns can improve.

Counteracting the consequences of a lack of movement:

  • improve circulation (warm up the legs and ease corresponding pain)
  • prevent stiff joints
  • keep tendons and ligaments flexible
  • improve digestion and bladder function
  • counteract brittle bones (osteoporosis)
  • reduce water accumulations in the legs (oedemas)
  • stimulate circulation and metabolism

Reduce medication and its side effects

Promoting walking ability - To build up and maintain the basic fitness required for walking (i.e. endurance and muscle strength). To reduce limiting muscle stiffness. To improve confidence in walking.

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