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MOTOmed Viva2 Parkinson - Overview


A discovery by American scientists indicates that fast cycling movement significantly reduces the Parkinson typical symptoms, due to that fact the MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson was created. Speed of movements of up to 90 rpm are achieved by the employment of special components which enable the application of the new therapy method called ''forced exercise


The VIVA2 Parkinson's offers all the features of the standard VIVA2 but with higher speed training options. Current research confirm that fast leg cycling movement of 80-90rpm can significantly reduce Parkinson-typical symptoms such as rigor, tremor and lack of movement.

The VIVA2 Parkinson's promotes motor assisted movement up to 90rpm, this can help improve fine motor skills and gait. Available in leg only and arm and leg versions.

Movement with the MOTOmed:

Motorized/ Passive – This allows for motor driven smooth movement to help relax your muscles

Motor assisted – Even with minimal muscle strength and little or no effort or strain on the muscles you can achieve an easy transition from passive to active training.

With your own muscle strength/ active – Cycle against finely adjusted resistance levels. Ideal home cycling training for your cardiovascular system and your muscles. The software controlled MOTOmed allows for a smooth automatic change from passive work from the motor to active work from the user and back again. Therapy sessions can be individualized and pre-programmed for simple operation. A wide range of accessories are available to ensure safe and successful use. The well-proven MOTOmed features include detailed training feedback, software controlled therapy programs, and motivation and training games. The display with the colour-coded system and the large easy feel buttons made for a simple operation.

Special program for individual needs

With the MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson people suffering from Parkinson can profit from a fast passive daily therapy movement at home. A special individually adapted training program makes for an effective and simple training session.

Biofeedback and motivation

The MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson provides the same features and functions as seen in the standard MOTOmed viva2. The MovementProtector with the SpasmControl feature facilitates a safe training, despite possible incidences of cramping. The symmetry training encourages a targeted training in case of one-sided deficiencies. The MOTOmax motivation program is a diversified training of the physical and mental condition. The big color screen with an integrated color-coded system allows for easy handling and a comprehensible training process.

Accessories to optimize your therapy experience

The MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson is standard equipped with a chip card reader which is the hardware needed to integrate the sam2 training analysis program. This special program provides the possibility to store and analyze the training data for a longer period of time.

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Sensational Results
Sensational results

Parkinson's and movement
Parkinson's and movement

Parkinson’s Disease and Forced Exercise
Parkinson’s Disease and Forced Exercise

Considerable improvement by high-frequent passive movement
Considerable improvement by high-frequent passive movement

Cycling for a cure
Cycling for a cure

MOTOmed Viva2 Arm / Leg Videos

Video - leg training with the MOTOmed at home (8:52 min)

Video - arm training with the MOTOmed at home (3:20 min)

MOTOmed Viva2 Parkinson Properties

Along with the well-established MOTOmed features such as SymmetryTraining and SpasmControl, the MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson is also equipped with a special motor. This special motor achieves passive cycling speed of up to 90 rpm and by this integrates the new Parkinson therapy method called ''forced exercise'' into daily MOTOmed movement therapy.

Therapy options
  • Forced exercise (leg training with a pedal speed of up to 90 rpm)
  • passive training (with motor)
  • ServoCycling (motor-assisted training)
  • active training (with your own strength)
  • SymmetryTraining
  • safety foot shells
  • pedal radius adjustment, double-stage (7.0 cm or 12.5 cm)
  • handlebar
  • mobile with big castors (13 cm diameter)
  • all-metal construction, premium and stable
  • additional stability by telescopic front stand
  • foot insertion aid including position locking feature
  • MOTOmed SmoothDriveSystem with a gentle startup and rundown
  • MovementProtector & SpasmControl
  • speed regulation from 0 to 90 rpm (passive)
  • regulation of motor power from 1 to 10
  • preset a therapy duration from 0 to 120 minutes
  • automatic device self test
  • big, user-friendly operating panel; color code system and big, easy-feel buttons
  • language selection between 27 different languages
  • MOTOmax and TRAMPOLINEmax motivation program
  • therapy programs
  • detailed feedback in real time
  • post training analysis


View MOTOmed Viva2 Parkinson Functions


MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson operating panel

Control your MOTOmed conveniently by using the eight easy feel buttons on the operating panel. Enjoy the simplicity of a two-button operation from training start to finish. Navigate intuitively through different menu points. The next logical operating step is indicated in color green. Quick and direct change of settings and therapy programs. The operating prompts and the training feedback can be displayed in 27 different languages.

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