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Spinal cord injury, incomplete Movement Therapy


Get up, wash, get dressed...
"It always takes me ages, because I'm so stiff and inflexible in the morning. It's simply difficult for me to get going."

Do 10 minutes of MOTOmed movement directly after getting up, ideally whilst still in your nightwear, and then go to the bathroom, wash and get dressed. All that is much easier to accomplish after loosening up with the MOTOmed, because the gentle and smooth movement can release muscle tension. You can also use this positive effect before going to bed to help get a relaxing night's sleep.

Suddenly I get a spasm
" Even making the smallest movements I get spasms. This is rather limiting, and I often get stressed about it. I would really like to be able to do something about this myself. But how can the MOTOmed help me with this? And how is that even possible with my spasticity?"

Thanks to the special functions of the MOTOmed, the muscles can be loosened up daily by yourself, even if you have strong spasticity: The MOTOmed MovementProtector monitors the muscle condition during the training, and if a spasm occurs, the MOTOmed SpasmControl with automatic direction change can help ease the spasm. In many cases, spasticity can be reduced long term by loosening up the muscles regularly and by keeping the tendons and ligaments flexible.

I often get ice cold legs
" In the evenings I'm really tired and look forward to my comfortable bed. But then it's always the same: My legs are ice cold and I can't sleep. Even a thick woollen blanket doesn't help any more."

MOTOmed movement can stimulate your circulation. This in turn will help to warm up your legs and to ease the corresponding pain. A short training session whilst watching TV or reading for example, is often sufficient.

Bending and stretching gets more and more difficult
" Recently I've noticed that I can't stretch out my legs and feet that far anymore when I get dressed. I have the feeling I am becoming less flexible, and I wonder what it's going to be like in the future."

Muscles shorten and tendons harden if they are not moved regularly. The joints also get increasingly stiff. As a result, it becomes more and more difficult to bend and stretch your feet, legs and arms. With the MOTOmed, the legs and arms can be stretched and bent hundreds of times in 10 minutes for example, even while watching TV or reading. This helps to regularly "lubricate" the joints and to make the muscles more flexible.

A delicate issue...
" My bladder and bowel problems are a delicate issue and unfortunately they occur every day."

Bladder problems: These problems are often aggravated by tension (spasticity) in the bladder, pelvic floor and thigh muscles. This tension can be eased with a few minutes of passive MOTOmed training which in turn can have a positive effect on emptying the bladder. Regular training can even lead to a long term improvement of bladder control.
Bowel problems: Normally the abdominal muscles assist the bowel movements. However, due to paralysis and lack of exercise, the abdominal muscles can become inactive and therefore unhelpful to the digestive process. Due to the indirect effect of the MOTOmed training on the abdominal muscles, bowel movement can be stimulated.

No strength left...
"I haven't even got the strength anymore to lift my leg. It would be really great to be able to do something with my own strength again – cycling for example."

With many forms of paralysis, there is some residual strength remaining. However, it is sometimes concealed or inhibited by spasticity. To make a complete movement, this residual strength is often insufficient or it fades away too quickly. The MOTOmed has a special function to help rediscover this residual strength and to train it: The MOTOmed ServoCycling. This function works similar to a power-assisted steering system in a car. Thus, thanks to the MOTOmed ServoCycling, it is in many cases possible to perform a complete and fluid cycle movement even with minimal muscle strength. Also, your homecare benefits if you maintain or build up your residual muscle strength.

Sometimes I simply don't feel good
" I often feel tired and depressed. My family also suffers because of this."

People who move feel better. Regular exercise enhances both physical and mental well-being. At the same time, exercise stimulates circulation, metabolism and has a positive effect on the blood sugar level. These are good reasons to have fun moving regularly. It is certainly important that you are able to exercise at your own convenience, and you have the ability to do so with the MOTOmed.

Medication has its side effects
"On the one hand I know that medication is important for me, but on the other hand the side effects are a burden. I often feel weak and low in energy. As well as that, I also know that long-term use could damage my bones and organs."

With the MOTOmed Therapy you can contribute yourself to your well being. Depending on your medical condition, spasticity (stiffness, muscular tension), problems with emptying the bladder and bowels, high blood pressure or build up of fluid in the legs or ankles (edemas) etc. can be affected positively by the MOTOmed Therapy. In many cases, medication cannot be completely dispensed with. But by training with the MOTOmed on a regular basis, you might be able to reduce your intake of one or another medication, of course only after consulting your doctor.

Edemas (swollen legs)
"Due to my immobility and because I am sitting most of the day, my feet, ankles and calves are often swollen. As a result, my shoes pinch my feet and I am only able to go about my everyday life under quite considerable pain."

Edemas, which are accumulations of fluid and salt in the connective tissue, result in most cases from certain illnesses and disturbances in the venous system. Most often there is an obstruction to the venous and lymphatic drainage. By training with the MOTOmed, it is possible to partly prevent the resulting fluid build up. Fluid that has been forced from the blood vessels into the tissue can be reabsorbed by the veins and transported away in the bloodstream. This backflow is promoted by the increased pump activity of the heart and the activation of the venous muscle pump. This type of therapy can reduce the intake of medication.

Cardiovascular (high blood pressure/hypertension, arteriosclerosis)
"I've been having very high blood pressure for a number of years now. Therefore, I am forced to visit the doctor frequently and take medication on a regular basis. The high blood pressure and its potential consequences have enormously increased my fear of having a heart attack."

In the industrialized world, cardiovascular diseases are the No.1 cause of death, and greater numbers of people are affected at an ever younger age. "Cardiovascular disease" is a general term for various types of illnesses that affect the heart and the blood vessels. One of the main causes of these diseases is arteriosclerosis, the narrowing and hardening of blood vessels. As a result, the blood cannot flow freely anymore and insufficient oxygen is supplied to the cells. Training with the MOTOmed can have a preventive effect concerning cardiovascular diseases. If regular endurance training is done with the MOTOmed, the body adapts to the new situation by generating an increased blood volume. The results are improved flow properties of the blood which in turn would reduce the risk of a heart attack. The activation of the cardiovascular system also stimulates the metabolism.

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