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MOTOmed Movement Therapy

MOTOmed muvi - Overview


The movement therapy devices of the MOTOmed family enable the patient to decide whether he wants to train with or without motor. The innovative concept of simultaneous whole body training makes the MOTOmed muvi unique. The digital smart movement control responds to each user individually. The pleasant human design and the improved hygiene concept leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality, handling and ergonomics. This opens a wide range of possibilities and makes the MOTOmed muvi ideal for modern people in motion.


The latest addition to the MOTOmed family the muvi is the first machine of its kind to feature simultaneous arm and leg training. An increasingly popular solution for therapists and users at home demanding the greatest efficiency and time saving.

Simultaneous leg and arm training

The unique MOTOmed muvi feature enables to train legs and arms at the same time. For the first time it is possible to train both areas simultaneously. This reduces the therapy effort and leads to more effective training results.


The very simple, intuitive operation of the device makes it easy to use even for people with limitations. The new 12 inch color touch screen provides excellent legibility, the rotary operating panel is inclinable and the operating buttons can be positioned individually on the screen. Additionally, software updates can be loaded by USB stick.

Individual adjustments

The MOTOmed muvi is easily adjustable in height and horizontal direction. Also the telescopic front stand and the quick release system allow for a simple and easy adaption to each individual user.

High quality

By introducing the MOTOmed muvi the RECK Company responses to the current requirements of modern, future-oriented investment concepts of hospitals and facilities: All used materials can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Also the all metal construction guarantees high stability and durability.

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Dear Medimotion,

I am writing to provide feedback on our experience of using the MOTOmed. I am based in the Physiotherapy department at a centre based in Cheshire, which provides a range of educational, residential and medical services to support adults and young people with complex needs, including learning disabilities, epilepsy and autism.

The MOTOmed bike was used within the Physiotherapy department during the trial period. We used the bike with a wide range of residents with different conditions (neurological and musculoskeletal) and of different abilities and understanding.

One of the main aspects of the bike we found useful was its adaptability. The range of adjustments which could be made, allowed it to be used with residents of different sizes and abilities, taking advantage of the passive or active settings as appropriate. The screen and programmes were user friendly and helped to motivate residents when using the bike. Being able to use arms and legs simultaneously saved time and increased output. The bike recorded all sessions for analysis at a later date as well as straight after the session.

Residents were able to meet specific rehabilitation needs (e.g. improving range of movement, strength, exercise tolerance, cardiovascular output and swelling) which would otherwise not always achievable. The bike increased CV output for the more sedentary and wheelchair bound residents and they found it fun and enjoyed using the bike. Some residents would independently drop into the department and ask if they could use the bike.

Overall we had a great experience using the MOTOmed and it allowed us to supplement our therapy programmes and increase motivation of the residents to participate in exercise, which would otherwise not be possible.

You have been a very helpful and approachable company throughout. Thank you!

Kind regards

Cherene Clark, Physiotherapist

Dear Sir/Madame,

Customer service provided has been excellent throughout, any questions or queries regarding the MotoMed Muvvi and other products have been answered efficiently and professionally. Gary spent considerable amount of time when visiting the unit which has been appreciated by all staff who operate the MotoMed Muvvi with patients. Gary should be compliment on his patience and professionalism in demonstrating to staff the safe and most effective way of using the MotoMed Muvvi with our specific patients group. We very much appreciated the trial period of using the MotoMed, as this provided us significant time to test the equipment with patients, and look at their clinical outcomes. Furthermore, this helped to provide time for the team to collect clinical evidence to determine what particular benefits patients were gaining and to start to formulate rationale for its eventual purchase. As a department we were very impressed by the swiftness of discussing the product at a Disability Awareness Day on a Sunday and having the MotoMed ready to use in the therapy gym the following Wednesday.
The MotoMed Muvvi has been a fantastic addition to our therapy gym. St. Cyril’s Rehabilitation Unit is a specialist unit for patients with acquired brain injury. Patients using the MotoMed Muvvi regularly have made good functional gains such as improvements in lower and upper limb strength and range of motion. The MotoMed Muvvi has also helped patients increase their tolerance to exercise and importantly patient feedback has been very complementary when using the equipment. Patients have discussed there enjoyment whilst using the equipment and that the programming on the equipment helps to provide a sense of achievement after a treatment session.

For wheelchair users the MotoMed Muvvi, provides comfortable and easy access for both upper and lower limb cycling. The touch screen has also provided the chance for patients to operate the MotoMed Muvvi independently and log in their therapy sessions each time to show their progress. With many patients this has proven to be a key motivating factor to participate in their therapy sessions. Another key feature to the MotoMed Muvvi is that the equipment is very portable and can be taken to patients room so that that they can exercise in privacy if they decide to.

The MotoMed Muvvi offers excellent versatility especially with those patients who are affected by unilateral muscle weakness following their brain injury. The MotoMed works efficiently with the patient to help provide a passive stretch. Not only does the equipment provides an excellent stretch for patients but also performs the movement within correct alignments. The adaptive extras for the MotoMed Muvvi are easy and very effective to use. For instance, the MotoMed Muvvi comes with an attachment glove which is excellent for those patients who struggle with grip and have upper body weakness. Therefore patients that have once struggled using particular gym equipment in the past don’t feel excluded and are able to actively engage in their rehab.

The programming on the MotoMed Muvvi provides substantial choices from strengthening and condition and loosening. The loosening programme has been extremely beneficial as an adjunctive physiotherapy treatment in helping the patients manage both their upper limb and lower limb spasticity. Patients have commented after using the MotoMed Muvvi their muscle tone and pain feels much more management.

Overall the MotoMed Muvvi has proven to be an extremely useful acquisition for our therapy department. Relatives of patients using the MotoMed Muvvi have also commented positively and appreciated the fact that even wheelchair users have the right to exercise and to enjoy exercise fundamentally. The MotoMed Muvvi provides that opportunity for our patients not only to exercise but to help make meaningful gains within their therapy programmes to help maximise their level of independence. The customer service we have received has been flawless and I would certainly recommend the company to anyone looking for outstanding quality exercise/rehabilitation equipment. Yours Sincerely,

Liam Hodgson, Physiotherapist

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We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the products and services you have requested from us. However, occasionally we would like to email or post you with details of announcements, products and other services we provide. You can unsubscribe from us at any time if you change your mind.

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